Community Education

Community Rites and Unified Network of Knowledge Collaborative
(C.R.U.N.K. Collaborative)

Program Objective

The C.R.U.N.K. Collaborative was developed to educate, elevate, and empower individuals, families, and communities utilizing the Ten Steps Rites of Passage Program model.

Program Description

The C.R.U.N.K. Collaborative was created by Adika C. Trimble, MSW and Diedre Kedar, Executive Director of H.O.P.E. Ministries, Inc. during the summer of 2010 in order to inspire positive change and ameliorate various priorities within the black community. Each trainer has completed intensive coursework utilizing the Ten Steps Rites of Passage model, and is certified by Master Trainer and CEO of the National Family Life and Education Center, Mr. Charles Lee-Johnson, MSW. Collectively, Mr. Trimble and Mrs. Kedar have over 25 years of human service and youth programming experience.

The Ten Steps Rites of Passage (TSROP) model was created by the late Mr. Ron Johnson, Founder of the National Family Life & Education Center in the greater Los Angeles, CA area. This program model is a comprehensive service model for at –risk youth that teaches students how to successfully transition from childhood to adulthood. The program is divided into ten rites with culminating ceremonies at the end of each session. The rites are as follows: Personal Rite, Mental Rite, Spiritual Rite, Emotional Rite, Physical Rite, Social Rite, Political Rite, Historical Rite, Cultural Rite, and Economic Rite.